Any individual interested in photography may become an active member of SOPA by paying annual dues. As of September, 2020 , because of COVID-19 restrictions, dues have been reduced from $45 per year to $25 per person. (This amount may change once we begin meeting in person again and the club pays room rental fees.) Annual dues should be submitted by check (payable to SOPA) to Treasurer Andi Shapiro, 7122 Hwy 66, Ashland, OR 97520. Payment is due September 1st of each year. Members not paying annual dues by December 31 shall no longer be considered active members. Dues may be pro-rated for new members joining the Club after January 1. Only active members are eligible to submit photographs for display, critique and judging. They are also eligible to participate as a judge for scoring and may vote for Board Members and be nominated and elected to serve on the Board.